Discretionary portfolio management

A tailor-made solution built on trust and management delegation based on a predefined specification

We manage the financial assets of our clients in order to meet their expectations in terms of performance and risk management. We develop a medium to long-term investment strategy, favoring diversified and, above all, liquid financial instruments. An asset manager and a relationship manager are dedicated to all our clients to keep them up to date on the financial markets and to monitor and manage their portfolios.

Advisory management

A management solution based on the interaction and availability of our teams

We wish to bring our expertise and our availability to support our clients in their management orientations and assist them in their investment decisions. This type of management is intended for active and savvy investors who wish to rely on our fundamental and independent research, whilst at the same time taking part in the decision-making process.

Dedicated funds

An investment vehicle that belongs to you

Midas Wealth Management can also structure a fund dedicated to the attention of a family or group of investors sharing common management objectives, depending on the legal form of their choice (SIF, UCITS, SICAR).