Dear investors,

Alain Blanc-Brude

For the past thirty years, I have been working in private equity, which consists of being an active investor in unlisted companies that are rapidly developing or changing.

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Midas Wealth Management, an independent management company

We are an independent investment company composed by experts in all fields of the financial sector. Led by our values (performance, independence, transparency, confidentiality, availability and responsibility), we offer a broad range of services in asset management, wealth management and family office.

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Our Funds

Our Expertise

Patrimonial Approach

Our team of experts make sure to always optimise risk management for our client's best interests.

Fundamental Approach

Throughout our investment approach, our team of experts perform a thorough and extensive fundamental analysis on financial instruments.

Independence and transparency

We are an independent investment company and as such, transparency is of crucial importance to us, being one of our fundamental values.

Diversification and liquidity

Our investment process fosters a high degree of diversification and liquidity.

Flexibility and reactivity

Being independent and constantly monitoring the latest developments in the financial markets allows us to be flexible and reactive.

Know-how and availability

Our team of experts have an extensive professional background and are constantly at your disposal.